Prohibition of Installing Dentures

Damaged or missing teeth definitely make us feel uncomfortable when doing our daily activities such as eating, brushing our teeth, or talking, because teeth really…

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Causes of Tooth Erosion

Tooth decay is mostly caused by bacteria as a result of poor dental hygiene. But, it's different from tooth erosion where tooth decay doesn't involve bacteria.

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How to Take Care of Braces

For those of you who put braces on, of course you will feel uncomfortable things before you get used to it, for example pain, discomfort when talking, eating, or...

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Dental Care for the Elderly

As you get older, the function and condition of your teeth will certainly experience a decline. It is also necessary to know that the elderly group will experience natural gum decline which can lead to...

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Benefits of Installing Dentures

Many people have to be willing to lose their natural teeth because of a number of things, such as knocked out and knocked out teeth, lost teeth due to certain diseases suffered, or because of tooth decay...

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Tips for Choosing a Dental Crown

If your teeth are hollow and damaged but there are still parts of your teeth that can be preserved, of course you will need to install a dental crown to cover the damage in your teeth. Crowns…

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Blackened Teeth

Yellowing teeth can be said to be natural if you are old because as you get older, the color of your teeth will change, aka no longer as clear as before.

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Root Canal Treatments

For those of you who are experiencing toothache due to cavities or swollen and festering gums around the cavities, you definitely want to know what...

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Tooth Extraction in Children

Tooth decay in children is something that should not be underestimated because it can affect the growth and development of children's teeth later. The problem is, parents have to face the same...

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