Teeth Whitening, Is It Dangerous?

It's only natural that we all want to have sparkling white teeth. Clean white teeth, apart from making a good impression on others, can also be satisfaction for yourself. If our teeth are white and beautiful, surely we will be more confident to smile or talk to other people. On the other hand, if we have yellow teeth, other people will definitely think that we don't take good care of our teeth, and we don't feel confident about interacting with other people. Unfortunately, yellow teeth can be a normal thing for anyone, especially those who like to drink coffee, tea or wine. Yellow teeth can also be experienced by those who have healthy teeth, but due to the age factor, healthy teeth can start to turn yellow over time. So, if you have yellow teeth without other dental health problems, surely you are wondering, how do you get your teeth to be white again as before?

Of course, the answer is you have to get teeth whitening or bleaching treatment. This treatment is a method of coating the surface of the teeth using hydrogen peroxide whitening agent. So, the usual question is, is it safe to coat teeth using these whitening ingredients? How does teeth whitening or bleaching work?

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical commonly used as a bleach and cleaning agent that is also effective at killing bacteria. Usually hydrogen peroxide is also used as an ingredient for bleaching hair and removing yellowish stains on nails. The use of hydrogen peroxide is also effective for removing stains on teeth, namely by shedding substances that stick to teeth.

If used according to the rules, hydrogen peroxide is certainly safe. Usually if you go to the dentist for whitening teeth, the hydrogen peroxide content used can be up to 35%. However, use of these numbers should only be done by a dentist who is an expert on how to use hydrogen peroxide safely. If you want to use these materials at home, the allowed content is only 3% to 10%, and you shouldn't use them too often because it will further erode and damage your teeth. Therefore, if you want to do teeth whitening either by going to the dentist or using home products, don't forget to consult your dentist first because not all dental conditions are suitable for getting whitening treatment using hydrogen peroxide.

Well, the most appropriate thing to make your teeth always white is by diligently brushing your teeth, flossing, and maintaining your diet. Apart from that, changing the color of your teeth due to age is also normal, so you don't need to worry about the color of your teeth starting to fade, because the most important thing is that the cleanliness and health of your teeth are well maintained.


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