Prohibition of Installing Dentures

Damaged or missing teeth certainly make us feel uncomfortable when doing daily activities such as eating, brushing our teeth, or talking, because teeth are one of the most important things to support these activities. But of course we don't need to worry because tooth decay or tooth loss can be overcome by installing dentures. Well, in addition to restoring the function of the teeth to support earlier activities, dentures that are installed to replace our damaged teeth also have other benefits, namely, to support appearance, improve dental and oral health, and prevent changes in facial muscles which have been supported so far. our teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are also types of dentures, namely removable dentures and permanent dentures. From the name, we can already tell the difference between the two types of dentures.

  • Removable dentures are dentures that can be removed as needed. These dentures are made of a type of resin, metal or porcelain that attaches to artificial gums made of plastic. Removable dentures are a type of traditional dentures that are still widely used and can be used as an option if you need dentures urgently and cannot decide which type of permanent dentures to choose. Removable dentures also tend to be cheaper so they can be the right choice for temporary use.
  • Permanent dentures are dentures that cannot be removed or attached to our gums. There are several types of permanent dentures which have their respective functions and advantages. If you have problems with partially damaged teeth, then you can choose to install dental crowns. Meanwhile, if you need dentures to replace your missing teeth, you can install a dental bridge or dental implant according to your condition and budget.

So, if you can already figure out which type of dentures are right for you to get, surely you will also think about what are the taboos that must be followed when installing dentures?

Actually, what we need to pay attention to when we have dentures is how to care for them exactly the same as we care for our natural teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. Don't consume too many foods that contain sugar and acid.
  3. Stop smoking, which can not only damage your teeth but also interfere with your body's health.
  4. Do not eat food that is too hard or sticky because it can damage your dentures.
  5. Especially for removable dentures, always soak removable dentures when not in use, for example when you sleep. And no less important is to diligently brush your removable dentures with a special cleaner.
  6. Routinely visit the dentist to get checked whether your dentures are still in good condition or need to be replaced.
  7. Always remember that dentures are definitely no better than our natural teeth. Therefore, extra care is needed as well as serious commitment so that your dentures can last a long time.