How to Care for Correct Removable Dentures

As the name implies, removable dentures are a type of denture that can be removed. Removable dentures are usually made of acrylic plastic. The function of removable dentures is not only to solve the problem of missing teeth, removable dentures can also improve the aesthetics of your teeth if you lose your front teeth. Unlike permanent dentures, which only need brushing and flossing like your natural teeth, removable dentures need special care so they don't break easily and create new problems for your teeth.

  • When can removable dentures be removed?

Not only to rest your body and soul, when you sleep, removable dentures are recommended to be removed so that your gums and jaw can also rest from pressure yang ada pada gigi palsumu. Waktu kamu tidur, jangan lupa buat rendam gigi palsu kamu pakai air atau cairan khusus biar gigi palsu nggak kering saat dipasang lagi juga biar bentuk gigi palsu nggak gampang berubah.

  • Can we eat when the removable dentures are in place?

One of the functions of removable dentures is to help you chew comfortably. But, it should also be noted that you should not eat too hard and sticky because it can damage the removable dentures. Avoid eating meat that is too tough, chewing ice cubes or chewing gum. Choose foods that are soft and easy to digest with your teeth and mouth.

  • How do you clean removable dentures?

Of course, you can't clean dentures like you would brush your real teeth. You have to remove your dentures and brush your dentures with a special cleaner, not toothpaste. You also shouldn't use denture cleaners while your dentures are still in your mouth. Also, make sure you don't use hot water to soak or rinse your removable dentures.

  • When should removable dentures be replaced?

Just like other types of dentures, removable dentures must also be replaced regularly when it's time. You can see from the condition of the shape and comfort when used. If cared for properly, removable dentures can last 3-5 years, but there are times when you may feel uncomfortable at any time even though your dentures have not been in place for a long time. You can also come to the dentist to be checked whether your dentures just need to be rearranged or need to be replaced.