Root Canal Treatments

For those of you who are experiencing toothache due to cavities or swollen and festering gums around the cavities, you definitely want to know what happened to your teeth. Well, the symptoms that appear earlier are usually caused because your teeth are infected with bacteria to the roots. Well, at the root of this tooth there is what is called the pulp, which is a network of nerves and blood vessels. If the bacterial infection has reached the pulp, of course you have to do Root Canal Treatment or Root Canal Treatment to stop the infection and the pain and other symptoms that you feel.

Root Canal Treatment Series

RCA or PSA usually need 3-4 visits because there are several stages that need to be carried out. You don't need to be afraid during the RCA because the dentist will give you anesthesia or pain relievers so you don't feel anything. Well, here are the stages from beginning to end of RCA:

  1. Before the treatment is carried out, your teeth will be scanned using X-Ray first so that the dentist can see more clearly the extent and extent of your tooth decay.
  2. So that you don't feel anything during the treatment process, the doctor will inject anesthetic or anesthetic in the area of ​​the infected tooth.
  3. Although not mandatory, usually around your mouth will be fitted with a piece of latex rubber to make it more hygienic.
  4. The next stage, your infected tooth will be removed
  5. The infected pulp which contains nerve tissue and blood vessels is removed or removed from your root canal, which is why this procedure is called Root Canal Treatment.
  6. The inside of your tooth to your root canal is also cleaned, and if necessary, the doctor will put germ-killing medicine into your tooth.
  7. Well, the last step that is no less important is to cover your teeth with temporary fillings so that the infection doesn't happen again. These temporary fillings must be replaced with permanent fillings so that the infection-free teeth will continue to function properly.

After Root Canal Treatment is Completed, what should we pay attention to?

Although we will not feel anything during the treatment process, there is also a time for the anesthetic to stop working. Well, that's why some people sometimes still feel pain a few hours after the root canal treatment is finished. Some will also feel the teeth are getting more sensitive and the jaw feels swollen. But you don't need to worry because the doctor will give you painkillers so the pain subsides. In addition, so that the infection does not occur again after treatment, you will also be prescribed antibiotics. You can still brush your teeth as usual, but of course you need to be more careful.

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