Want Your Front Teeth To Look More Beautiful? Come on, use Veneers!

It is undeniable that one of the functions of the front teeth is as an aesthetic support so that your face and appearance are more attractive. For that reason, many people want their front teeth to look beautiful, neat, clean, and brilliant. Of course, having beautiful front teeth requires maximum effort. In addition to brushing your teeth diligently, your front teeth also need certain care, for example if you have front teeth that are not neat or that they are not the same size. Well, one of the dental treatments that you can do to get beautiful front teeth is to install dental veneers.

What are veneers? And what conditions can be treated with veneers?

Veneers are special aesthetic treatments to correct more complex front teeth problems. If you can whiten your teeth with whitening or bleaching, then dental veneers can fix problems, not only whitening but also improving the shape and size of the teeth. For example, if your teeth are broken or partially cracked, or your teeth are dark in color that can no longer be treated with whitening, of course what you need is veneers.

Veneers are actually thin layers like shells that are attached to the outermost layer of your teeth. This thin layer can be made of several materials such as resin composites, ceramics or porcelain depending on your needs. So, what are the advantages of veneers?

Here are some of the benefits of veneers that you can consider when installing veneers:

  • make your teeth look natural again
  • the material used will not irritate your gums
  • veneer berbahan porselen khususnya nggak akan mudah ternodai
  • bikin gigi gelapmu jadi lebih cerah lagi
  • Even the shape of your cracked or broken teeth can look beautiful again
  • Veneers don't require as much work or shaping as dental crowns, and they're just as strong and durable as crowns.

What is the procedure for installing veneers?

Before the veneers are placed, the doctor will scrape the outer layer of your teeth first to adjust the thickness of the veneers that will be attached to your teeth later. So that you don't feel anything, the doctor will also inject an anesthetic or anesthetic before the scraping begins. Furthermore, the shell will also be shaped according to the shape of your tooth that was scraped earlier and it will usually take a few days or weeks for the artificial shell or veneer for your tooth to be ready and ready to be installed.

Dental Veneer Treatment

Just like your natural teeth, after having veneers installed, you still have to keep your teeth clean by regularly brushing, flossing and scaling at least once a year. Don't forget also that your dental veneers can also be damaged if you are not careful with your teeth, for example to open something, eat food that is too hard and sticky, because these habits will not only damage your veneers but also your natural teeth.


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