Blackened Teeth

Yellow teeth can be said to be natural if you are really old because as you get older, the color of your teeth will change, aka no longer as clear as before. This is because the protein sticks to the enamel of our teeth and will make our teeth look yellow. In addition, over time, the enamel of our teeth will also be eroded which is where the darker layer of dentin will be more visible. That's why even if you brush your teeth regularly, your teeth won't be as white and clear as before. Well, one way to keep your teeth white, of course, you have to do teeth whitening or teeth whitening.

Well, what if the teeth are blackened? What is the cause and how to find a solution?

Unlike teeth that are naturally yellowed, teeth that are blackened are definitely a sign that your teeth are not doing well, aka badly damaged. Well, even though yellowed teeth can still be said to be healthy, but if your teeth have turned black, it's a sign that you should immediately go to the dentist. Discolored teeth can also be caused by several things, and here's what you need to know so you know what action to take to treat your dark teeth.

Dark Teeth Due to Eating and Drinking Habits

If you are a heavy smoker, or like to consume wine, coffee, tea or certain types of food and drinks that easily leave stains on your teeth, surely over time your teeth will no longer be white. Sometimes even just brushing your teeth isn't necessarily able to remove the stains from that type of food or drink that have been stuck to your teeth for a long time.

Dark Teeth due to Tooth Decay

If you don't have the habit of consuming this type of food or drink but you have blackened teeth, plus other symptoms such as pain, swelling, and so on, it's a sign that there is a health condition in your teeth that you need to pay attention to.

Here are some of the causes of blackened teeth in terms of your dental health:

  1. Poor dental hygiene

Teeth that are not brushed diligently will not only make food debris stuck to your teeth so make your teeth color, but tooth decay that leads to infection will also make your teeth black.

  1. The existence of a disease suffered

For patients who have diseases that require treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy, it will usually affect the development of their tooth enamel and dentin which causes the teeth to darken.

  1. Drug effect

Certain drugs can also make our teeth no longer white, for example, some antibiotics can affect the growth of children's tooth enamel.

  1. Trauma

Teeth that hit when we are active can also make the teeth turn darker in color, even tooth decay can also disrupt the blood flow and nerves of the teeth.

If naturally yellowing teeth can be treated with teeth whitening, what about darkened teeth due to certain dental health conditions?

You certainly don't need to worry because apart from teeth whitening, there are other methods for dealing with dark and problematic teeth so that they return to health, whiteness and function properly. Here are some examples of dental restoration treatment methods that you can get according to your dentist's recommendations:

  1. Dental Crown

A dental crown or dental crown is a method of placing a denture over a problem or damaged tooth. This type of restoration method is also the right choice if the condition of your teeth is almost damaged and completely blackened. Like crowns, dental crowns will cover the severe damage that is on your teeth well.

  1. Dental Veneers

The difference with dental crowns, veneers are more widely used to overcome the problem of your front teeth. Because veneers can only cover a small part of your teeth. In addition to making your front teeth white again, veneers can also make the shape of your front teeth more beautiful.