Tooth Extraction in Children

Tooth decay in children is something that should not be underestimated because it can affect the growth and development of children's teeth later. The problem is that parents have to deal with the habits of children who like to eat and drink sweet things that easily damage tooth enamel, while the enamel on their children's teeth is still not fully developed, plus the limited ability of children who do not understand that diligently brushing their teeth is important. Really, these three things will certainly make your child's teeth vulnerable to damage. Therefore, parents need extra effort to control the condition of their children's dental health.

So, what if your child's teeth are already damaged, for example, the appearance of plaque and dental caries, the appearance of cavities or the occurrence of infections to gum disease. Of course, as a parent, you must understand that even the slightest problem that arises in your child's teeth must be treated immediately so that the child's dental condition does not get worse and affect the growth of his teeth when he grows up.

Very often damage to children's teeth allows tooth extraction to be carried out. But don't worry, parents don't need to worry because pulling a child's tooth is a natural and safe action if it is done by a dentist. So, so that parents can understand more about the safe process of removing a child's tooth, here are some procedures for removing teeth in children:

  1. Before the doctor decides what action needs to be taken, the doctor will scan the child's dental x-ray to analyze the extent of the tooth decay. Well, from this analysis the doctor will know whether the child's teeth need to be extracted or left.
  2. After the doctor has decided to remove the child's tooth, parents don't need to worry that the child will be in pain because the doctor will inject anesthetic or local anesthetic so that the child remains comfortable during the extraction process.
  3. The tooth was finally extracted carefully so that the bone around the child's tooth was not damaged.
  4. Although it doesn't have to be done, the child's gums at the extraction site will be sutured to speed up the recovery process, but the suturing action needs to be adjusted to the child's condition.
  5. Sometimes, the doctor will also install a space maintainer, or a device whose function is to prevent the shift of other teeth and to help the growth of the child's permanent teeth so that they grow in a good position.

Now, people don't need to be afraid anymore, if children have to experience what it's like to have a tooth extracted. Precisely with the removal of the child's teeth, the child's dental problems will be resolved and the growth and development of the child's permanent teeth will be better and healthier. Don't forget also for parents to always remind their children how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day.