Front Tooth Shape Aren't Symmetrical? Veneers are the solution!

It's undeniable that your front teeth are the first thing that catches other people's attention when you smile or talk. Because indeed one of the functions of the front teeth is to support the aesthetics of your face. So imagine if your self-confidence is disturbed just because of the appearance of your teeth. In fact, not everyone is born with neat and beautiful teeth because there are many factors that affect the shape of a person's teeth. That's why people always want to fix their teeth to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Among some problems that occur in the front teeth, the shape of the teeth that are not the same or not symmetrical can sometimes also make some people feel disturbed. For example, there may be one, two or more teeth that are not the same size as the other teeth due to genetic reasons or due to bumps and fractures so that your front teeth look weird and out of tune. Well, to overcome this problem, you can do veneers to change the shape and color of your front teeth to make them more aesthetic.

What is Veneer and what is the procedure for Veneer Installation?

Veneers are thin shell layers made of resin or ceramic that are attached to the problem front teeth. Special veneer treatment is carried out to treat front teeth problems that are not so severe that they require a crown or crown, for example front teeth that have started to change color, crack, partially broken, loose or the shape of teeth that grow asymmetrically.

Before the installation, the doctor will check the condition of your front teeth first. If there is no serious damage, then you can get a dental veneer treatment where first the outer surface layer or the enamel of your front teeth will be carved first for veneers to be installed later. When the engraving process begins, the doctor can inject an anesthetic first so that you are more relaxed and don't feel anything. Next, the thin shell that will be attached to your front teeth will be shaped first and usually takes some time because it has to be made in a laboratory. This thin shell is also adjusted to the shape of the teeth you want. You can choose the thin shell material or veneer according to your needs. If you want your veneers to last longer and with a more natural look, you can choose veneers made of porcelain. But if you want to adjust the veneer to your budget first, you can choose resin material for a while.

After the veneer has been formed, the dentist will begin to attach the veneer to your front teeth which have been cleaned and coated with a special adhesive so that the veneer sticks well. Once installed, the dentist will shine a light on your front teeth that have veneers installed so that the adhesive material hardens and the veneers can stick to your natural teeth. The last step, the dentist will adjust and adjust the position of the veneer if something is still not neat.

How to take care of teeth with veneers?

Just like your natural teeth, dental veneers actually only need you to brush regularly as usual. Don't forget to floss your front teeth as well, because there could be food left in between your front teeth. And last but not least, so that your dental veneers last longer, pay attention to the type of food and drink you consume. Avoid foods that are too hard and sticky because it can not only damage your dental veneers but also your natural teeth. In addition, also avoid foods or drinks that can make your dental veneers and natural teeth color quickly, such as cigarettes, coffee, tea and red wine.

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