The Reasons Why You Need To Install Braces

Who doesn't want to have neat teeth? Today, many people want to straighten their teeth to improve the aesthetics of their facial appearance. The shape of your teeth can affect the shape of your face, so straightening your teeth can not only make changes to your teeth but also your face. We can observe that if a person has crooked teeth, surely the shape of his lips will also be more advanced because it is affected by the shape of his teeth. In addition to the crooked teeth or what is called an overbite, there are other conditions also called underbite, openbite and gingsul teeth. Underbite is the opposite of overbite, which is a condition where the teeth in the lower jaw are positioned more forward than the teeth in the upper jaw, so the chin of people who have an underbite can look more advanced and not symmetrical. While openbite is a condition where the teeth in the upper and lower jaws are both advanced, so if you close your mouth there is a cavity between the two jaws. And, what is not infrequently experienced is gingsul teeth or the condition when the canines are not aligned with other teeth.

Teeth that are not neat can be caused because the shape of your jaw does not match the number of teeth that grow, this can happen due to genetic inheritance. In addition, accident factors, missing or toothless teeth, and the habit of sucking your fingers can also make your teeth untidy. Well, to overcome this unkempt tooth problem, you can install braces. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are hesitant to put braces on because they feel that crooked teeth are not a problem for them. In fact, the benefits of installing braces are not just about aesthetics, but in terms of your dental health you can also get the benefits if you want to install braces.

You need to pay attention, if you leave your teeth that are not neat or piled up on each other, it can actually cause problems with your teeth later. Some of the problems that can arise due to untidy teeth are; tooth decay, gum disease, tooth decay, eating and speaking are disturbed, tooth enamel is damaged, to problems with your jaw.

Installing braces is highly recommended by dentists. In fact, installing braces can be done as early as possible, for example in children aged 8 years because abnormal tooth structure can already be detected from the age of 6 to 12 years. So if the child immediately puts braces on from a young age, then when he grows up his child's teeth will be neat and can avoid these dental problems. But, even though it's better to put braces on at a young age, that doesn't mean adults can't put braces on. Moreover, adults who are already experiencing other dental problems should visit the dentist more regularly to control the condition of their teeth so that their teeth are always healthy, clean, neat and beautiful. So, for those of you who have entered adulthood, you don't need to hesitate anymore to install braces. Not only will your teeth be prettier, your teeth will be healthier too!


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