Composite Resin Fillings

One of the most popular types of fillings is resin composite. Especially for those who want to fill their teeth for the first time, resin composites are usually the first choice because they are the cheapest, the color and shape of the natural teeth are almost the same as real teeth, and the durability is quite strong. If you are still confused about choosing the type of filling, you can find out first about resin composite fillings for you to consider before going to the dentist.

Here are some points that resin composites can be the right type of filling for you.

  1. Tooth decay or cavities are not too severe

If your teeth are partially cavities, not too deep or wide, and the condition of your crowns is still good to maintain, then you can use resin composites to fill small holes in your teeth.

  1. Do you want your filled teeth to look natural?

One of the advantages of resin composites is that they mimic the color of your natural teeth. So if the cavities, damaged, or cracked teeth are in the front, your fillings will not look as conspicuous. Instead, it looks like your teeth are still intact and healthy.

  1. You are on-budget

Resin composite fillings are dental fillings that are the cheapest in cost compared to other filling materials such as gold, porcelain, ceramic, or zircorn. So, if you want to fill your teeth sparingly, you can choose resin composites first before you replace them with other materials that are more durable.

  1. Composite resin adheres well to tooth enamel

Because the material blends so well with your tooth enamel, the period of time that the resin composite begins to fade is the same as your natural tooth enamel, which is within three years, if you take good care of it.

Well, although there are many reasons that make you more determined to choose resin composites, you also need to know what are the disadvantages of resin composites for you to anticipate.

  1. Installing a resin composite takes longer than installing a metal patch.

When placing a resin composite filling, your teeth must be dry and clean for the filling to adhere properly. So make sure you consider your time and availability.

  1. Need some visits

If the part of the tooth that needs to be patched is the molars, filling usually requires two to three visits.

  1. Not the most durable

Compared to metal or gold fillings, ceramics, porcelain and zircornia, the durability of resin composites is at the bottom. So, resin composites are best used if you really want to fill your teeth for a while.



American Dental Association