All About Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of teeth is normal if it is caused by the eating and drinking habits you consume or changes in tooth color due to aging. However, having shining white teeth is certainly an added point that makes many people interested in doing teeth whitening or teeth whitening. So if the color of your teeth starts to change not because of tooth decay or other conditions, you can solve your colored teeth problem with teeth whitening. But before you decide to whiten your teeth, let's first understand a few things about teeth whitening in the following review.

What causes teeth to change color?

  • Food and drink consumed

Tea, coffee, wine, fruit can be the main factor why your teeth can change color because the color content of this type of drink called chromogens can easily stick to your tooth enamel and make your teeth not white anymore.

  • Smoking habit

Tar and nicotine found in tobacco in cigarettes are two substances that give teeth their color. Tar itself is dark in color while nicotine is actually colorless but if it interacts with oxygen it will change color, so that your previously shining white teeth turn yellow due to smoking habits.

  • aging factor

As you age, the enamel, or the outermost part of your teeth, gradually fades so that the yellowish dentin layer under the enamel will be more visible, and your teeth will not look white anymore.

  • Trauma

If you've had a knock on your tooth, it could change color by making your teeth react to the injury and making the dentin more visible.

  • Taking certain drugs

Some drugs that can affect the discoloration of your teeth are high blood pressure drugs, psychiatric drugs, antibiotics, as well as chemotherapy, radiation to the head and neck.

How is the process of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is done by a dentist who usually requires only one visit. The bleaching agent commonly used is hydrogen peroxide. This whitening agent will give a layer on the teeth and cover the stains on your teeth. Before your teeth are coated with a whitening agent, the doctor will also coat or cover your gums with a resin, known as the gingival barrier. After that, the teeth that have been coated with a whitening agent and installed with a barrier will be irradiated using a laser so that the material adheres to the maximum.

Can everyone do teeth whitening?

Not everyone can do teeth whitening with the teeth whitening method using hydrogen peroxide. You see, this whitening ingredient can only whiten teeth caused by stains from food or drinks that are organic in nature. If your teeth are colored due to other things, especially damage or disease, you can get other treatments such as veneers.

Ref.: American Dental Association