Tips for Choosing the Type of Dental Crown

If you have a perforated tooth problem, one solution to overcome it is to install a dental crown or dental crown. Dental crowns are dentures or permanent dentures that cannot be removed. The way this dental crown works is to cover or protect your perforated teeth like a crown, the goal is so that your perforated teeth don't get worse. Before being installed, the teeth are cleaned first to remove the bacteria that are lodged in your hollow teeth. Only after that, the teeth that were clean were fitted with dental crowns so that your teeth look intact and no longer hollow.

Well, there are several types of dental crowns according to the type of material that you need to know so you can determine which one is the most suitable for the condition of your teeth, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gold Dental Crown

Because it is made of gold, this type of dental crown is suitable for treating cavities in the back. The strong and durable material will make you comfortable to chew food again and you don't need to come to the dentist many times to replace gold dental crowns. Unfortunately, the unnatural color can make you feel insecure about wearing dentures, but while you are more concerned with comfort for your back teeth, gold dental crowns are the right choice.

Pro: Strong and durable

Suitable for cavities in the back / molars

Con: unnatural color


Porcelain Dental Crown

One of the advantages that so many enthusiasts of porcelain dental crowns is that the shape and color are very natural and resemble real teeth. If your cavities are located on your front teeth, then this porcelain crown can be the right choice. It should also be noted that because the durability is not as strong as gold crowns, you have to be careful when biting food, or avoid biting with teeth with porcelain crowns.

Pro: natural look and great for front teeth

Con: harus hati-hati karena nggak sekuat crown emas


Porcelain-fused to Metal Dental Crown

This crown is a mixture of ceramic, porcelain and metal. Well, for those of you who have a hole in the back and don't want to wear a gold dental crown, you can choose this porcelain and metal crown because the durability is almost the same as a gold crown, but you still have to chew carefully so that the crown remains durable.

Pro: durability is strong enough for rear teeth

Con: have to be careful while chewing.


All Ceramic/Zirconia Dental Crown

This type of dental crown has advantages because the material is the safest for those who have allergies. The durability is also quite strong and the appearance is really natural like real teeth. However, when compared to gold crowns, zircornia is not much stronger in durability.

Pro: natural look and safe for those with allergies

Con: high price


Resin Composite Dental Crown

Well, this type is really suitable if you want to install a dental crown but on a budget. So you can have this dental crown for a while first, and replace it with a better quality dental crown later.

Pro: low price

Con: doesn't last long