Choose Whitening or Veneer?

Having white, clean and neat teeth is definitely everyone's dream, because beautiful and healthy teeth indicate someone can take good care of themselves. In addition, teeth are also the first thing other people see when we smile or talk. Well, especially if you work in a field that requires you to meet a lot of people, of course first impressions are very important. And also, you are certainly required to have a good appearance and self-confidence.

Because of the importance of taking care of teeth to support one's profession, many of them want to do dental aesthetic treatment and one of the most loved ones is teeth whitening.

You can get teeth whitening through teeth whitening treatments, but you can also get veneers. Well, usually these two things are often the patient's questions. What is the difference between teeth whitening and dental veneers? And which treatment is more appropriate to choose?

Teeth whitening and dental veneers can indeed solve the problem of your colored teeth so that they become white and bright again as before. To know the difference, let's discuss one by one.

Teeth Whitening

Besides being called teeth whitening, sometimes it can also be called teeth bleaching. In the procedure, the doctor will coat your teeth with hydrogen peroxide whitening agent. This whitening agent will give a layer on the teeth and cover the stains on your teeth. Doctors usually irradiate teeth that have been coated with a whitening agent with a laser light so that the material adheres to the maximum. To protect your gums from lasers and whitening agents, the doctor will also coat or cover your gums with a resin, known as a gingival barrier.

Well, you need to know also about stains on teeth, or what are called chromogens. There are two types of stains on teeth, namely organic or stains that have organic compounds, and metallic stains or those derived from metal compounds. If your teeth stains are caused by organic compounds, you can easily get white teeth back with teeth bleaching. However, if the stain on your teeth is dominated by metallic compounds, you should use a veneer treatment to get your teeth white again.


Veneers are a type of aesthetic treatment that is no less desirable to improve the appearance of your front teeth, one of which is to restore the color to make them white again. Veneers are made from several selected materials that you can adjust to your budget, such as composite resin, porcelain, or ceramic. The veneer treatment process is done by applying a thin layer to your natural teeth, to cover the color or shape of your less-than-perfect teeth.

The advantages of veneers in addition to being able to overcome the problem of severely stained teeth, can also improve the shape of your teeth that are not perfect. So, if the stains on your teeth can't be whitened with just teeth bleaching, and besides that there are one or more teeth that are not the same shape as the other teeth, then you can choose veneers as the right treatment to overcome some of your front teeth problems.

Because of its advantages, veneers are certainly more expensive than teeth bleaching. However, the results and satisfaction obtained will certainly match your expectations.



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