Causes of Bad Breath

If your breath stinks, of course you feel embarrassed to talk close to other people, you also feel uncomfortable with yourself because you are afraid that other people can smell your breath. This condition also makes other people think that you can't take good care of yourself and they are reluctant to talk closely with you. Unfortunately, sometimes there are people who don't realize that he has bad breath because he is used to the smell of his own breath or he's also not used to trying to smell his breath. Well, for those of you who have never checked the smell of your breath, you can try it yourself by exhaling into the palm of your hand, or also ask other people who you feel comfortable asking about things like this. And if you already know that you have bad breath, let's find out the cause and how to deal with it.

Bad breath can be caused by several things, and what normally happens is when you finish eating or drinking something that has a strong aroma such as garlic, onion, durian, petai or jengkol. However, bad breath caused by the food and drink you eat is usually easy to get rid of just by consuming drinking or neutralizing foods such as ginger, mint candy, or water, or it could be by brushing your teeth. Meanwhile, some of you may also be wondering why you still have bad breath even after brushing your teeth. Well, for the last one, it is certain that there are health conditions in you that must be considered.

Bad breath in the medical world is also known as halitosis. Apart from the type of food or drink you consume, the cause of halitosis can also be due to poor dental and oral hygiene conditions, and other health problems.

Bad breath due to unhealthy teeth

If you are not diligent in brushing your teeth, food debris that sticks to your teeth will form substances called plaque. Plaque that sticks to your teeth over time will harden and form tartar that can't be removed with just a toothbrush. Well, this tartar can be one of the causes of bad breath.

If your tartar is not cleaned immediately by scaling, bacteria will multiply and attack your gums and teeth. You will experience cavities, gum problems such as bleeding or festering, which will make your bad breath worse because the bacteria that are lodged in your teeth and mouth are what cause the bad smell.

So, if you have problems with tartar, cavities, bleeding and festering gums, immediately go to the dentist for treatment for your teeth and mouth so that your bad breath problem is resolved. Don't forget to always keep your teeth clean so bad breath doesn't appear again. And no less important, avoid smoking because tobacco in cigarettes can damage your teeth and make your breath not fresh.

Well, if you have overcome all of these problems but are still experiencing bad breath, there may be other health conditions that could be the cause, namely;

  • Have chronic gastritis
  • Lung, kidney or liver problems
  • Sinus infection
  • Diabetes
  • Or allergies