Some Reasons You Should Not Let Your Teeth Toothless

Anyone can experience tooth loss to the point of having a toothless tooth. Usually most adults to the elderly have tooth decay problems due to tooth decay. Especially the elderly who do not do dental care so that their gum tissue is no longer healthy to maintain their teeth. As for children, missing teeth can occur due to an accident or a fall.

Toothless teeth also usually occur because the condition of tooth decay is so severe that it can no longer be maintained and the dentist also recommends removing the tooth. There are also some people who ask for their teeth to be extracted because they feel it will be faster to solve the problem, even though the condition of the teeth can still be maintained without the need to be extracted. Well, if the patient still wants to be extracted, the dentist will recommend installing dentures to replace your missing teeth, because it's not recommended to leave missing teeth, why?

There are several things you should not have toothless teeth and immediately put on dentures if losing teeth is unavoidable.

  1. Affect Aesthetics

Not only will it affect the quality of your smile, missing teeth can also change your facial posture because the cheek muscles and the skin around your face are no longer properly supported, making you look older or as people often say, making you look plump. Teeth can also become untidy and cavities appear between the teeth.

  1. The function of the teeth is no longer at its maximum

The function of your teeth for chewing and smoothing food in your mouth is disturbed, you will find it difficult to eat and it can even affect the way you speak.

  1. Lack of Confidence

Toothless teeth, both in the back and in the front, will definitely make you feel uncomfortable when you smile or chat with other people. You see, teeth are one of the supports for your appearance because most of the attention is focused on the appearance of your teeth.

Well, if you experience missing teeth due to several things that make your teeth toothless, then to prevent these uncomfortable things, you can install some replacement treatments for missing teeth such as removable dentures or permanent dentures such as dental bridges. and dental implants.

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