First Time to the Dentist? This is what you need to prepare

Surely some people including you like to feel hesitant and anxious to come to the dentist for the first time. Between hesitating for fear of feeling sick when treated by a doctor or doubting because of the cost. But what you need to know, dentists are always trying to help and treat your dental problems, so surely your visit to the dentist will be made as comfortable as possible. You also need to remember, yes, dental problems must be taken seriously, so don't let your doubts, anxiety and fear actually prevent you from coming to the dentist and make your dental problems worse.

Well, here are some tips that you can treat for those of you who want to go to the dentist for the first time:

  1. Determine your intention and mentality to heal

Teeth are a part of our body that cannot heal by itself. So if you have problems with your teeth and mouth, there is no other way but to go to the dentist for treatment. The longer your dental problem is left, the worse your dental condition will be. So, make your mental as strong as possible if you intend to go to the dentist so that your teeth are healthy again.

  1. Find the right time to make an appointment with the dentist

For those of you who go to school, college, work, or take care of the household, you can find free time where you feel more relaxed and relaxed. After that, don't forget to make an appointment in advance with the dentist so that the doctor can clear the schedule in advance and you won't waste your time that you have determined.

  1. Find the nearest dentist or recommended dentist

Choosing a dentist that is close to your house can make it easier for you to visit because it will not take a long time to travel and you will be more relaxed. But, if you also know the recommended dentist, it could be the right choice too because you will be more confident to get treatment from the dentist.

  1. Find out about the costs that will be incurred

The cost of going to the dentist is indeed affordable, but there can also be certain additional costs depending on how severe the condition of your teeth is. So make sure you provide 30 percent more than the estimated cost. More conveniently, you can use health insurance in collaboration with the dental practice location you visit.

  1. Checking the condition of the teeth at the first visit

Before the doctor performs treatment, the first thing to do is check the condition of your teeth first. The dentist will explain what dental problems you are experiencing and what type of treatment is recommended. After you agree, you will be given mouthwash and your teeth will be cleaned first. You don't need to be afraid of getting sick during treatment because the doctor will give you painkillers so that during the treatment process you won't feel anything.

  1. How do you feel after treatment?

Biasanya, beberapa orang bakalan ngerasa sakit setelah penanganan karena efek obat bius yang mulai hilang. Tapi, buat meredakan rasa sakit, dokter bakalan kasih resep obat pereda nyeri dan juga antibiotik buat mencegah infeksi paska penanganan.

  1. Complete the series of treatments to completion

The thing that is no less important for treating your dental problems as a whole is a commitment to carry out treatment to completion. If the dentist advises you to come back a few days later, it means you have to come and continue your treatment. If not, your treatment will not be optimal and you might have to start from the beginning which will take more time and money.

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