Metal VS Ceramic VS Aligner Braces

Braces or stirrups are one of the aesthetic dental treatments for those of you who have problems with crooked teeth. Because of its effectiveness for tidying up messy teeth, braces are in great demand by people. In addition to making teeth neater, braces can also help change the shape of the jaw that is less symmetrical because the shape of the jaw is influenced by the position of your teeth. Well, if you are interested in installing braces, you need to know first what kind of braces are right for you.

Conventional or Metal Braces

This type of braces made of metal is the most widely used braces. As the name implies, the brackets that are attached to these braces are made of metal. Because of their effectiveness for straightening teeth and also their durability that is not easily damaged, this is the reason why many people prefer to use metal braces.

Unfortunately, many are hesitant to install metal braces because the brackets are too eye-catching when we smile or talk. But if you have really messy teeth, of course you need to use this type of metal braces because they are the most effective and fast for straightening teeth than other types of braces.

Ceramic Braces

For those of you who want to straighten your teeth but you don't want to be too visible with braces, you can choose this type of braces. Because the brackets are made of ceramic which is clear in color or can also resemble the color of your teeth, you won't really see it when you wear braces, especially if you look at it from afar Especially for those of you who have a career in the front office such as tellers, customer service, marketing, public relations, or even celebrities, where you often have to meet face to face with many people, ceramic braces can be the right choice. You will also feel more comfortable and confident when you smile or talk.

But unfortunately, ceramic braces have their drawbacks too. Although ceramic braces are aesthetically superior, they are also much more expensive to install. In addition, the way ceramic braces work to straighten your teeth is also more time consuming than metal braces. But, if you really care about your appearance or you have an allergy to metal, you have to be a little patient with this type of braces.


One of the new treatments for straightening teeth that is currently trending is aligners. Well, this type of treatment is actually not like ordinary braces because the shape is really different. The aligner is made of clear plastic which is shaped according to the shape of your teeth. The advantage of this aligner is its visibility, which makes your teeth look like you're not wearing anything. Plus, the aligners are easy to put on and off if you start to feel uncomfortable, or if you're eating, brushing and flossing.

Well, like other braces, aligners also have drawbacks. For those of you who are forgetful, maybe you forgot to put your aligners or keep your aligners somewhere, eventually you have to go to the dentist again to get a new one. Aligners must also be treated carefully, don't forget to clean the aligners using a special cleaner.

If you really don't want to wear regular braces that are always stuck to your teeth, and make you uncomfortable when you eat or brush your teeth, aligners are definitely the right choice for you. What is certain, always follow the doctor's advice to determine what type of treatment is best for dealing with your unkempt teeth.



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