Types of Removable Dentures

The function of dentures has a very important role to replace your lost teeth. Both aesthetically, to support the stability of the surrounding teeth, help you speak more clearly, and so that the process of chewing your food is not disturbed, which is the reason why dentures are highly recommended to be installed. There are two types of dentures, namely removable dentures and permanent dentures. The difference is, you can take removable dentures off and put them on at any time, for example when you sleep or brush your teeth. While permanent dentures of course you can not take off.

Well, for those of you who prefer to install removable dentures, there are several types that you can choose according to your budget or dentist's recommendation.

  1. Acrylic Removable Dentures

This one removable denture is made of acrylic plastic which sometimes has wires to attach the denture to the next tooth. Acrylic removable dentures can be installed for those of you who have lost one, several or all of the teeth in your jaw. The advantage of this acrylic is that besides being easy to make, it is also the cheapest in price compared to other removable dentures. But unfortunately, acrylic removable dentures are less natural in color, but it's still okay if you put them on the teeth that aren't very visible.

  1. Flexi Removable Dentures

From the name, we can tell that this type of removable denture is flexible. In general, it is more often called vaplast. The material is made of thin thermoplastic which is similar to nylon, so it can be very flexible and fits the shape of our mouth. Another advantage is also because it looks really natural. However, these flexible removable dentures are best suited for placing in one or more missing teeth. So patients who have lost all their teeth cannot wear this type of denture.

  1. Metal Frame Removable Dentures

For those of you who want to install removable dentures with the strongest durability, you can choose dentures whose skeletons are made of metal. This type of denture is the most widely used, and if cared for properly can last for years.

How do you take care of removable dentures?

When you don't use dentures, for example, when you sleep at night, you need to soak the removable dentures with water and you can clean them using a special cleaner that you can get from the dentist. The soaked removable teeth are meant to prevent them from becoming dry and stiff when you try to use them again.