Eating and Drinking Habits Affect Your Teeth Condition

What we eat and drink is very influential on the health of our bodies, including the health of our teeth and mouth. Before food and drinks are digested by our bodies, our mouths are the first to digest them. Even if the food and drinks we consume are not good for our bodies, the first signs that appear are usually in our mouths.

Here are some things about what we consume can affect the condition of our teeth and mouth:

  • Depending on the texture of the food, whether it is liquid, solid, or hard and sticky that does not dissolve easily, it will affect the health of your teeth.
  • How often do you eat foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar and acids.
  • How are the nutrients contained in the food and drinks you consume.
  • The combination of food and drink you consume and in what order you consume them.
  • The health conditions you have, for example GERD or eating disorders, can greatly affect your teeth and become prone to damage.

Because the food and drinks we consume affect the health of our teeth and mouth, we need to adjust our diet by reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that contain high sugar such as candy, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and so on. In addition, we also need to reduce drinks that contain high sugar such as soda, sugar-added juices, and sweet tea or coffee. Dried fruits that are actually good for consumption will also harm our teeth if we eat too often because dried fruits tend to have a sticky texture and can trigger an increase in acidity in the teeth.

In addition to foods and drinks that are sweet or contain lots of sugar, food and drinks that contain acid are also necessary for us to control their intake. Acidic fruits such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and so on should not be consumed too often or it is better to eat them together with other foods.

The sugar content in these foods and drinks is food that is very liked by the bacteria in your mouth which later on the bacteria will produce acids that can damage your teeth. To avoid this, you should start switching to types of foods and drinks that are good for teeth such as vegetables that contain high fiber, namely green vegetables, foods and drinks that contain high calcium such as almonds, anchovies, milk, and yogurt without sugar. And also foods that contain high protein such as eggs, chicken meat, and so on. Fruits and vegetables that contain water and fiber are also good for dental health because they can stimulate saliva production and help neutralize acidity in the mouth. The content of vitamin C is also good for helping to nourish gums as well as vitamin A which is good for nourishing tooth enamel. But most importantly, don't forget to always prioritize water!


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