Is it safe to have a dental implant?

Dental implant is a dental restoration treatment to solve the problem of missing teeth caused by several things such as severe cavities, periodontitis, tooth collisions or accidents. Dental implants are placed by inserting titanium metal into the jaw of the teeth so that the metal functions like the roots of your teeth. With the denture root, the denture placed on it will be stronger and almost as strong as your real tooth. Although dental implants are a recommended treatment procedure because they have very good durability and even last a lifetime, many people still feel hesitant about having dental implants installed.

If judged by its quality, surely we can know that dental implants are quite expensive, but what about safety?

According to research, the success rate for dental implants reaches 95 percent or even 98 percent, meaning that there are very few cases of dental implant placement that cause side effects. Of the patients who experience these side effects are those who have congenital diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes, smoking, and heart disease. In addition, factors such as age, length and diameter of dental implants, bone condition, and the location where the implant is planted can also influence the likelihood that the patient will experience side effects. Therefore, before performing dental implants, the doctor will definitely check and confirm the patient's condition first to determine whether dental implants are the best procedure.

Is Dental Implant Insertion Very Painful?

According to many patients, they feel less discomfort when the dental implant procedure is performed, and that is because the dentist first injects a local anesthetic so that the patient is more relaxed and doesn't feel anything. In fact, having a dental implant is arguably less painful than removing a tooth.

Although it is likely that once the procedure is over and the anesthesia starts to wear off, the patient will begin to feel uncomfortable due to the lingering pain, the doctor will also prescribe a pain reliever such as tylenol or motrin.

While the dental implant installation procedure is carried out by a skilled dentist, you certainly don't need to hesitate to get treatment that suits your condition. Dental implant placement also has many benefits, from restoring the chewing function of your teeth, restoring the appearance of your teeth, providing comfort when eating and talking, to improving your dental health because dental implants don't need the help of the adjacent teeth to support these dentures. Dental implants also last the longest compared to other types of dental restorations as long as you keep your teeth clean and maintain good diet and habits.