Reasons Why You Need To Put In Dentures

If you hear the word dentures, surely some people will feel horrified or think of people who are old, because dentures are identical to those who had toothless teeth in old age. In fact, toothless teeth can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. You who are still young can have toothless teeth if you have damaged your teeth so badly that you need to remove your teeth, or if you have certain conditions such as accidents or illnesses that make you lose one, several or even all of your teeth.

When you have to lose your teeth at a young age, surely you will feel a number of things that make you uncomfortable, for example when eating, talking, or the appearance of changes in the shape of your face. Well, here are the reasons why you need to put in dentures to replace your missing teeth.

  1. Dentures prevent any shifting of your teeth due to the empty cavities.

The empty cavity in the missing tooth over time will cause a shift in the surrounding teeth. Because of this shift, the position of your teeth may become uneven or it can lead to cavities around other teeth.

  1. Dentures can help the chewing function of your teeth return to normal.

Losing just one of your teeth can make you feel uncomfortable when eating. Especially if the missing teeth are molars, the chewing fungi on your teeth will not be optimal. Therefore, it is important to install dentures to fill the empty tooth cavity so that you can enjoy food as before.

  1. The way you speak will be better and clearer with dentures.

With the help of the tongue and lips, one of the main functions of the teeth is to help us speak by controlling the flow of air in the mouth. Having teeth allows us to speak more clearly. So, so that we can maintain the ability to speak properly and clearly, we also need to maintain the integrity of our teeth. Thus, installing dentures is one of the recommended methods.

  1. Your smile is beautiful again as before, and your confidence will increase.

Imagine if you lost just one of your front teeth, surely you would feel like you lost the confidence to smile or speak because your front teeth were so prominent. So that you can smile and talk again freely, then don't hesitate to put in dentures to replace your missing teeth.

  1. Dentures keep your face in shape.

The empty cavities in the missing teeth can affect the shape of your face. The existence of this empty cavity means that there are no more teeth that support your cheeks and lips, which in the end the muscles in your face will change and make the impression as if your face looks older.

Nah, dari beberapa alasan di atas, kamu sekarang sudah tau kenapa memasang gigi palsu untuk menggantikan gigimu yang hilang itu penting dan direkomendasikan. Jangan lupa untuk selalu merawat dan lakukan pengecekan rutin gigimu ke dokter gigi setelah kamu memasang gigi palsu, ya!


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