Tips So That Children Are Not Afraid Of Going To The Dentist

Many of us are still hesitant to take their children to the dentist for fear that the children will be fussy and difficult to work with when they arrive at the location. But, then that doesn't mean we have to give up and let the child's teeth go untreated, especially if what a child experiences is a problematic tooth that causes pain, of course, we inevitably have to take the child to the dentist for treatment. Well, but there's no need to worry, here are tips for parents so that kids won't be afraid to go to the dentist anymore.

  1. Take the child to the dentist as early as possible

We don't need to wait for a child's tooth with a problem to take him to the dentist. It is even better to start visiting the dentist when the child is at least one year old so that later the child will get used to it.

  1. Invite children to see our own dental care process

We can also take our children to the dentist when we want to do treatment for ourselves. We show our attitude during the treatment process and show the child that dental care is not terrible. The children will later follow what their parents do, so that the children will not feel afraid anymore.

  1. Don't lie to the kids, talk frankly if we're going to visit the dentist.

Children hate it the most when we lie, and if we are not straightforward from the start, then of course the child will feel annoyed and fussy when we get to the dentist. We just need to tell the child that they are going to visit the dentist, answer each question briefly and clearly, and leave it to the dentist alone to answer questions that are better explained by the expert.

  1. Avoid sick words, injections, or other terrible things.

Although it is possible that the child will feel a little pain for certain treatments, it is better if we do not need to tell the child in too much detail because the child will definitely feel afraid first and will be difficult to work with.

  1. Frequently emphasize to children how important it is to clean and healthy teeth.

Children need to know that maintaining healthy teeth and hygiene is as important as maintaining the health of the other body. We can tell that visiting the dentist can help improve dental health and other body health.

  1. Tell your child that the dentist is a good and friendly doctor.

Of course, children will also feel afraid if they want to see a dentist for the first time. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to tell children that dentists are good for children and not at all terrible. 

  1. Choose the right time to take your child to the dentist.

Usually children will be more cheerful and easier to work with in the morning. So, make sure we make an appointment with the dentist in the morning. Always take the child in a relaxed state, not in a hurry, and also in a good mood.

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