Braces or Aligners? Which one is better?

Having neat and beautiful teeth is definitely the dream of many people, because not only do your teeth look good, the shape of your face can also look more symmetrical. However, many are still confused about which treatment is better for straightening teeth, is it braces or aligners?

So, to determine what treatment is more appropriate, we must first know that the two treatments have their respective advantages. In addition, dentists also need to diagnose the condition of your teeth by analyzing the x-ray results, photos or models of your teeth. But there is nothing wrong for you to know in advance what are the advantages and functions of each of the braces and aligners, as well as a reference before you come to the dentist.

  1. Braces

Braces have been a mainstay of dental aesthetic care for a long time. From small children to adults, braces are really effective in overcoming untidy teeth problems.

  • Visibility of Braces

Even though there are now braces that can be attached to the back of the teeth, there are still braces that are attached to the front of the teeth which are clearly visible on our teeth.

  • Cannot Be Detached

One of the disadvantages of braces is that we cannot remove them so that the results are stable. But the advantage is that we don't lose our braces because they stick to our teeth.

  • Convenience

When you first install it, of course we will feel pain or discomfort. But there's no need to worry, because over time we will get used to it.

  • Hygiene Care

Since our teeth have wires attached, it will definitely be more difficult to brush our teeth. Hence, it is recommended to flossing once a day so that your teeth are maximally clean.

  • Dietary habit

To maintain the quality of braces, you must avoid eating foods that are too hard, sticky, and tough because these types of foods can affect braces damage.

  1. Aligner

Aligners are a new technology for aligning teeth made of plastic. Well, this plastic is actually a replica of your teeth. Using aligners will feel less pressure than braces.

  • Visibility

Because it is made of clear plastic, so it certainly won't be visible, especially when viewed from afar. For those of you who want the appearance of your teeth not to stand out too much, you can definitely choose this one treatment.

  • Easy to Remove-Install

One of the other advantages of aligners is that you can remove them, for example, when you want to eat, brushing your teeth or flossing. However, because it is easy to remove, it makes it easier for us to lose or the aligners can be easily damaged. In addition, if you remove it too often, the treatment process for straightening your teeth will take longer and will not be optimal.

  • Convenience

The aligners usually need to be updated to position the teeth desired. This process usually causes discomfort in the teeth at the start of adjusting the aligners that have just been replaced.

  • Hygiene Care

Always make sure that your teeth are clean when you put the aligners back on your teeth. You also need to clean the aligners with a special cleaner that you can get according to the dentist's recommendation.

Ref.: American Association of Orthodontist