Don't Do This If You Don't Want Your Teeth To Break Quickly

Many of us unconsciously have habits that turn out to trigger things that are not good for us. For example, habits that seem trivial, even though if you do it continuously, it can damage your teeth. If you want your teeth to be protected from damage, you need to pay attention to whether you have any of the following habits and if so, you have to stop doing these habits, okay?

  1. Chewing Ice Cubes

Chewing ice aids does have its own pleasant sensation, some even do this because they are happy to hear the sound of ice crushing our teeth. But did you know that the habit of chewing ice cubes for a long time can also "crush" our teeth? Even though ice cubes are only made of water, their hard texture can crack and even break your teeth, besides that the soft tissue in your teeth can be irritated and cause pain.

  1. Teeth Grinding or Bruxism

You often don't realize the habit of grinding your teeth, especially if you do this habit while you are asleep. Because over time it can damage your teeth, even the dentist will usually recommend you to use it mouthguard, which you can also wear while sleeping so that you no longer grind your teeth unconsciously while sleeping.

  1. Bottles of milk that are not removed when the baby is sleeping

Especially this one is a habit that parents need to pay attention to when putting their child to sleep. Do not make it a habit for baby bottles to be left too long in the baby's mouth when he is asleep, because this can cause caries in the baby's teeth because the sugar content in formula milk, juices or other drinks can trigger bacteria that produce acid and damage teeth.

  1. Nail Biting

Apart from the fact that your nails are not necessarily clean from germs and bacteria, the habit of biting your nails can put pressure on and affect your jaw.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

You may feel like you have to brush hard to make sure your teeth are clean of food debris, but this can actually injure your gums. Just brush your teeth gently and make sure you brush all the parts for 2 minutes. If you feel that it's not optimal, do some flossing and using mouthwash and if necessary install dental sealants to keep your teeth clean and healthy to the maximum.

  1. Snacking Habits

Snacking on an empty stomach between meals is not a bad thing, it's even recommended if you have gerd. But, the habit of snacking continuously and at the wrong time, especially if what you eat and drink contains a lot of sugar, of course, can be a problem for your teeth. Make sure you snack at the right time and also choose foods and drinks that are safe for your teeth.

  1. Using Your Teeth to Open Something

Even if you feel your teeth are strong enough to open something, if you do it over and over again, over time your teeth will crack, break, or even fall out. Remember that the main function of your teeth is to chew food, not a substitute for scissors, knives or anything else.


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