Tooth extraction when tooth pain, is it OK?

Nyeri gigi atau sakit gigi adalah hal yang dialami banyak orang, dan mungkin kamu juga salah satunya. Sakit gigi timbul karena saraf di dalam akar gigi atau di sekitar gigi mengalami iritasi yang penyebabnya bermacam-macam, bisa karena infeksi, gigi berlubang, impaksi, dan terbentur atau kecelekaan. Biasanya sakit gigi ini bukan cuman terasa di area gigi aja, tapi juga bisa menyebar ke rahang, kepala, area wajah, hingga leher. Mereka yang mengalami sakit gigi juga suka bertanya apa yang sebaiknya dilakukan, dan boleh kah gigi dicabut saat rasa sakit masih terasa?

The answer is of course it depends. It depends on what caused your toothache and how bad your teeth are. This means that you must first check with the dentist and let the doctor examine and analyze the condition of your teeth so that you can get the most appropriate treatment.

Pulling Teeth Is Not Sure To Be The Right Step

The importance of consulting a dentist before deciding to extract a tooth is very important because not all toothache problems must be treated by extracting the tooth. So, what conditions are recommended so that teeth should be removed or not removed?

  1. Tooth Infection / Cavities

If your tooth hurts due to an infection, the severity of it will be checked first to determine if it should be extracted or left alone. If the infection is not too severe, then root canal treatment should be performed. But if the infection is really bad and can't be treated with antibiotics, it means that your teeth should have been pulled out. It is better if you don't need to wait for your toothache to disappear first, immediately consult a dentist so that your dental problem is quickly resolved and does not get worse.

  1. Impaction Tooth

Impactioned teeth are wisdom teeth that grow sideways in adulthood. Tooth impaction is caused because there is no room for wisdom teeth to grow in their proper position. If your teeth are in constant pain, this condition certainly requires you to immediately perform an impacted wisdom tooth removal operation to prevent further tooth decay.

  1. Toothache due to an accident

If you experience a toothache due to an accident, especially when it bleeds and shakes or breaks, that is a sign that you have an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. Do not delay or hesitate to get treatment, and if it is very severe, it may be possible to extract it to prevent the problem from spreading to the other teeth.


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