Several Types of Teeth Filling

Tooth filling is a type of treatment that is widely used to treat cavities, partial broken teeth or teeth whose appearance changes due to bad habits, such as nail biting, opening things with teeth which can cause tooth enamel to become damaged over time. Another name for dental fillings is dental filling. What you need to know before you decide to fill your teeth is that you will go through checking the condition of your teeth first and your health condition as well, because this is a reference for which type of tooth filling is right for you to fit your teeth. Well, below are the types of dental fillings that you can learn first before you come to the dentist.

  1. Gold Teeth Filling

Dental fillings made of gold are among the ones that are widely used, especially for the previous generation because they are durable and strong. But unfortunately, in terms of aesthetics, this type of patch is not very attractive, especially when there are other types of materials that are more like the color of the teeth.

  1. Teeth Filling Made from Composite

Well, for those who want to be patched with a material that is more natural in color and resembles the color of real teeth, then choose one made from composite. This one material is also flexible, can be used to patch types of damage, not just cavities. So if you have partially broken front teeth, a composite filling is the right choice. But unfortunately, composite fillings do not last long compared to other types of fillings, and you also need to be more careful if these fillings are placed on teeth with large cavities, especially in the lower molars which are most often used for chewing food. So, if you want to install a composite patch, don't eat food that is too hard, sticky or hard to digest in your mouth.

  1. Teeth Filling Made From Silver Amalgams

Silver amalgams are an alternative if you want your tooth fillings to be durable and strong but at a more affordable price, although in terms of aesthetics, silver amalgams also don't look natural because the color is too shiny. But if you are interested in this type of filling, you also need to consult your dentist first because silver amalgams can cause allergic reactions for certain people.

  1. Teeth Filling Made From Porcelain Ceramics

This type of dental filling is the most superior type of dental filling because it is not only aesthetically pleasing, where the color and structure really resembles natural teeth, but the durability and strength also resembles natural teeth. But of course, there is a price. Porcelain ceramic fillings tend to be more expensive than other types of dental fillings.

In addition to the types of dental fillings above, there are also other types of fillings called indirect fillings, which are dental fillings, which are processed in advance in the laboratory and usually require two visits. Indirect fillings are also devoted to conditions of teeth that have been badly damaged but do not require crowns or crowns. Indirect fillings consist of two types, namely inlay and onlay, where the inlay only covers the top of the tooth while the onlay covers almost all parts of the tooth. If the condition of your teeth turns out to be severe and you can no longer treat them using regular dental fillings, chances are the dentist will recommend you to put in an inlay or onlay.

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