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Why Can A Person Have Loose Teeth?

The existence of a gap or gap between the two front teeth is something that many people experience. Although having loose teeth is not a serious dental problem, from an aesthetic point of view, it is certainly a matter of great concern. Therefore, many owners of loose teeth want to get aesthetic treatment to treat this condition, which in dentistry is called a diestema.

The gap between two teeth experienced by a person can occur due to the following factors:

  1. Tooth size that is too small for the jawbone

This one factor is genetic. Usually we see someone with diastema who has family members who also have the same dental condition. If their teeth are too small in comparison to their jawbones, this leaves space between the teeth.

  • Missing teeth or teeth that are different sizes

If a person loses one of his teeth, diastema will likely occur. Likewise, if there is a tooth that grows to a size smaller than the next tooth, which often occurs in the upper laperal incisors or the teeth next to the rabbit's teeth.

  • Frenulum Labiatis that is too large

Frenulum labiatis , which is located behind the upper lip that connects to the upper front gum, if it is too large it can cause cavities between the teeth.

case of closure of the diastema after surgery of an oversized frenulum

  • Gum disease

Changing the position of the teeth can be a sign of gum disease in which inflammation results in damage to the bone that supports the teeth so that the teeth are not strong and cavities appear.

  • Error in the Swallowing Reflex

When a person swallows reflexively properly, the tongue will press against the roof of the mouth. However, someone can also do this by pushing the tongue towards the front teeth so that over time the cavity is formed.

  • Habit of Sucking

Thumb sucking, lip sucking or pressing the tongue against the front teeth are habits that can cause cavities in the teeth.

  • Missing / Dislodged Baby Tooth

Even children can develop diastema at an early age. However, baby teeth will indeed be replaced by permanent teeth, so the diastema experienced by children is temporary.

How to Overcome Diastema So that Teeth Look Neat and Aesthetic?

Of course, there are many treatment methods that can treat diastema problems. Although actually diastema is not a dangerous thing, there is nothing wrong with someone wanting their teeth to look more beautiful. Here are some types of treatment to close diastema or what is often called diastema closure;

1. Braces

2. Direct or indirect veneer

3. Dental Bridge

4. Operation on the frenulum labiatis

5. Installation of Silicon Guide

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