Bridge Porcelain

Tooth loss can happen to anyone and is caused by several things such as severe tooth decay, accidents or suffering from a disease. When a person loses one or more teeth, then of course the function and appearance of the teeth are no longer perfect. To solve this problem, you can get dental bridges to replace the missing teeth with dentures.

What is the installation procedure of Dental Bridges? As the name implies, a dental bridge is installed like a bridge, namely by using the natural tooth as a support for the denture in filling or replacing the missing tooth or the empty cavity between the natural teeth / supporting teeth. Dentures in a dental bridge procedure are usually called pontics which are made of gold, metal, or porcelain.


Ada tiga jenis Dental Bridge yang memiliki fungsi dan bahannya masing-masing.

1. Traditional Bridges

This is the most common type of bridges, by making a crown on both sides between the missing teeth. This type of bridges is made of porcelain that is attached to metal or ceramic.

2. Cantilever Bridges

Bridges of this type are used when there is only one tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. Usually occurs in cases of missing teeth on the back. However, because they only use one gig as a brace, this type of bridges is not highly recommended for fear of damaging the abutment.

3. Maryland Bonded Bridges

Also known as resin bonded-bridge or Maryland bridge. This type is made from porcelain, a mixture of porcelain and metal, or teeth and gums made of plastic mixed with a metal and porcelain framework.

How long can Dental Bridges last?

If proper care is taken by paying attention to dental hygiene, and routine checks at the dentist, then dental bridges will last up to 15 years. The advantage of doing dental bridges treatment is that not only do the teeth look as fast and beautiful as before, but the function of the teeth to chew food will also be more comfortable.