Veneer and Bleaching Illustration

Beautifying teeth is one way to improve one's appearance. Whiten teeth, for example, is a treatment that is often done by many people to beautify their teeth because having clean and white teeth can not only improve appearance but also increase self-confidence.

To get teeth whitening treatment,there are two ways that a person can do if he visits a dentist; namely veneer and bleaching treatment.

Usually, people who are new to whitening their teeth will experience confusion in choosing which treatment to take. So, before you make your choice, it's a good idea to consult your dentist first. You can also find out through this article as a first step to determine what type of treatment is right for whitening your teeth.


From the name, we already know that this treatment aims to whiten teeth. The whitening process is done by smearing the surface of the teeth with a peroxide based whitening agent. Whitening teeth with the bleaching method is more effective for yellow teeth. If your teeth turn gray or brownish, bleaching may not be very effective in whitening your teeth.

As I have discussed in the previous article, veneer is a method of beautifying and straightening the front teeth to make them look more aesthetic. Compared to bleaching, dental veneers have a function not only to whiten teeth. If the problem of your front teeth is quite complex, such as teeth that are not neat, there are small cavities between the teeth, and some teeth are partially broken, then with the veneer treatment method these problems can be solved at once.

Then, which one should you choose between the two?

Depends on the condition of your teeth. If your front teeth are neat, there are no cavities or partially broken teeth and only the color of your teeth is starting to turn yellow, then of course, a bleaching treatment can be the right choice. However, if your front teeth have turned yellow, gray or brownish, and there are also complex problems, then you should opt for veneer treatment. Regarding price, bleaching is certainly cheaper than veneer. However, the results obtained from the veneer treatment will last longer than the bleaching treatment. However, back again to the condition of your teeth. Therefore, make sure you consult your dentist first to get recommendations for the right and safe treatment for your teeth.