Teeth Veneers or Crowns

All types of dental care have their respective functions and benefits. But of course some treatments often raise questions such as which type of treatment is most appropriate to do? One of them is related to which one is better between treatment with teeth veneer or crown

Of course, we first need to know the differences and uses for each of these dental treatments.

Veneers are protective teeth made of certain materials that are used to coat the front of the teeth. Veneers are given to patients who want to restore the color and shape of their front teeth as if they were broken or partially damaged.

Bener Gigi

While, dental crown more useful for repairing the shape and size of damaged teeth to their original state. Crowns can also strengthen and enhance the appearance of your teeth. Crowns are also suitable for covering teeth that are already colored and badly damaged, and can also cover dental implants.

Dental Crown

So, it can be concluded that if the damage to your teeth is not that bad, then you can do veneers. However, if your tooth decay is severe and you want your teeth to function again, then crown is the answer.

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